Situations that will cause an applicant to be turned down for a lease

1.  Applicant lacks a continuous source of verifiable income for 6 months or more unless

     he/she is just leaving a post-secondary education program

2.  Lack of adequate income.  Our minimum income requirements are clearly stated on each

     property listing.

3.  Excessive obligations – 40% or more of gross income is required to pay fixed obligations

     such as vehicle payments, rent, installment payments etc.

4.  An adverse public record.  This includes both civil and criminal matters—both felonies 

     and misdemeanors; minor traffic citations are not considered

5.  Negative report from a landlord.  Landlord states that he/she would not rent to this    

     applicant again.

6.  Any eviction action regardless of whether the filed action is subsequently dismissed

7.  Bankruptcy that has not been discharged

8.  No landlord reference (except family); previous landlords are not contactable; landlord is    

     not responsive to us when contacted and applicant has rented in the past

9.  Unpaid court judgements

10.  Applicant refuses to provide a credit report to verify information

11.  Small claims court action involving a housing matter

12.  A current or previous landlord is owed money

13.  Seriously bad credit.  Medical bills are not considered

14.  Misrepresentation of a material fact on an application

15.  An incomplete application

16.  More than 2 residences in the last year without good reasons

17.  More than 4 residences in the last 3 years

18.  Applicant does not have funds sufficient to pay rent and deposit

19.  Applicant is unable or refuses to provide documentation to verify information on his/her


20.  Failure to provide acceptable photo ID—2 copies for each adult (Driver’s license or state  

       ID is acceptable)

21.  Situations of any nature that we judge to be detrimental to our business interests

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